tisdag 10 juli 2018

empties of June

I'm a bit late with this post I knoooooow. Sorry for that guys!

ORIFLAME LoveNature Body Scrub relaxing lavender 200ml
The scrub was quite good but I didn't like the scent. I would not repurchase this one but maybe another from the same line.

Yes I know most of my readers don't care about the scent of a product they only care about how or if the product did work - but for me, it's important that I like a scent because I'm quite sensitive. 

Nailfix apple green acetone-free nail polish remover 150ml.
I did like the scent and it did a great job removing nail polish from my nails.  I will maybe repurchase. 

Cien Handwash Elderberry refill 750ml.
I loved the scent and this was a great purchase! I will purchase this or some other scent in the future also. 

Maria Nila Sheer silver conditioner 300ml.
I didn't like this, it was not because the scent (it smelled loooooovely!) but because of the not so practical bottle! This bottle is hard and it was almost impossible to squeeze out the product which was more like a thick cream than a liquid conditioner. I will not repurchase products in these kinds of bottles from Maria Nila. 

L'ORÉAL Colorista washout #Hotpinkhair 80ml.
I LOVED this washout colour. MY CUPPA' TEA. But I'm looking for a pink haircolour that lasts for MORE than just 3 washes ( this promises 5-15 washes... noope). Have you any suggestions? I will maybe repurchase if I don't find anything better.

BIO RICH Makeup remover mousse 150ml.
Not enough effective for my face. It felt just like I circulated the mousse around my face but it didn't cleanse my skin... And when I see watermelons on the bottle I expect it would smell like watermelons but this was totally scent-free. False PR? 

PÜR Fully Charged Mascara powered by Magnetic technology 4ml.
  This went out to be my favourite mascara by the first wear. I LOVED it. Gave my tiny and short lashes such a good length. 

essence studio nails 4in1 profi file.
 nailfile that works. Nowadays I prefer a glass nailfile.

Moroccanoil treatment 10ml.
My all time favourite hair treatment oil for sure!

Not actually empties but honest reviews:

JorgObé peel off mask 100ml.
It's half full but last time I used it (maybe  seventh time I used it) it smelled so much like alcohol and later I felt how it did start to itch on my face. I am sure it didn't act like that before so I truly believe it has gone bad, unfortunately! This was a bit expensive so I won't repurchase it.

Nügg lip mask 7g.
I used it for several times without any problems but one night I got a allergical reaction and I immediately stopped using it then.

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  1. Älskar också den där håroljan! Sååå bra! Och gillar doften.