fredag 8 juni 2018

AQUA bella by LA RIVE

I usually don't blog about parfumes because I'm too picky and sensitive. I like just a small range of different scents and unnatural scents like vanilla or some other sweet scent gives me migraine. There is some few parfumes that I can use for e.g.
Fly high by Mexx
Anytime by Jackpot (not sure if this is available anymore)
Bright Crystal by Versace
Crush fragrance mist by Victoria's Secret

And last but not least, on the picture above:
Aqua bella by La Rive. 

It has that natural and clean scent to it. It's fresh but doesn't stick for too long in my nose.

It claims to be a edp (eau de parfume) but in my opinion it's more like an edt (eau de toilette) or fragrance mist because the scent do fade away quite easily. In a way I think it's good it fades away a bit because then I can use it at work. I'm working among sensitive people. 

I found out this brand makes dupes for other, more expensive parfume brands. I like dupes! Only by looking at some of the packaging you can guess which brand they've duped. I don't actually know if this specific scent is a dupe for any other brand? Please tell me if you know! 

You can buy La Rive parfumes and other skincare- and makeup products at a Finnish website called (which means Beauty dot com).They have brands as Kubiss, Naturel, Faby and Willkem.

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