fredag 20 april 2018

Review: Sophx Ultra Eyeshadows palette

Hi guys! What a lovely springweather we've got here in southern Finland!

No, I want to share my opinions of the Makeup Revolution (Nowadays just Revolution) Soph x ultra eyeshadows palette! 

 This is how the palette looks like untouched. 

Here you can check out a typical look that I've made with this palette.

These 4 colours are my absolute favourite in this palette!
The shades are Cuppa tea, Iced coffee, Tiramisu and Peaches

I use the shade Fairy Lights a lot.

The shades Cloudberry, Strawberry sweets, Pumkin, Festive flame and Copper coin 
is also veeery gorgeous!

Soph herself said these shades have a bit of fallouts but I haven't noticed any! Maybe it's just fallouts with the more shimmery shades that I haven't used so much yet. 

I highly recommend this eyeshadow palette!

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  1. Jag sku nog vila köpa denhär paletten, den har en ganska bra variation av olika nyanser :) Lila, grön, massor med neutrala färger... jag gillar :)