tisdag 17 april 2018

Lumene Nordic Secret Volume Lash Primer

I finally got some time and inspiration to write this review of the Lumene Nordic Secret Volume 
 Lash Primer (gosh I hate when products has this long titels...).

 I made some research before purchasing this because I wanted to be sure that buying this is not just  waste of money. I was surprised that there was not much information or reviews of this lash primer out on the internet! It felt quite risky to purchase this for 21 euros without knowing if it's gonna work.

Holy Cow I am happy I bought this!
I've used it every time I apply mascara and I am very pleased by the result!
Everytime I put on makeup I look forward to use it. 

It does not make my eyelashes clumpy or heavy, it's just make them long and holds the curve all day long. I believe this works with any mascara but I've used it with mostly Avon and Oriflame mascaras. 

The brush looks brutally big but don't let that scare you down. This lash primer is easy to use even if the brush is that big. For me the product sticks easy to the lashes and even if I'm a bit shaky on my other hand the product just sticks to the lashes and not the area around them. 

21€ is a very nice price for a great product like this! I hihly recommend.

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  1. Jag har aldrig ens hört om denna produkt, jag måst också testa! Tack för rekommendationen :)