söndag 31 december 2017

My opinions of the tester's

Before my Christmas Holidays-trip up North I wrote this post about what I'm taking with me (skincare) to Kajaani. Surprisingly I used some of the tester's up! 

Products marked with a X is what I tried out during my holiday.

Mossa Youth Defence moisturizing antioxidant day cream with blueberry and vitamin E
1,5ml. I tried one out and I liked it. My skin did absorb this very well. Like other organic products this had that "herbal" scent that reminds me of daddy's car wash liquid XD. 

Dermalogica daily microfoliant. I have to admit I was surprised when I opened this packaging. It was such a dry powder... There weren't any description on the package of how to use it but I figured out I should mix it with some water and then apply on my face with circular movement. It was a gently but efficient face scrub, I liked it.

Ziaja Cupuacu shower balm 7ml.
I used it as a showercream. It cleansed gently and had an amaaaazing scent.
Rituals ultra hydrating black soap 5ml.
It was just weird. The smell was too much  and I didn't get the idea of the product. 

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