måndag 4 juni 2018

Colourful Empties of May.

From May I have 8 full size empties, 1 sample size, 2 sheet masks and 1 decluttered product. A total of 12 products is going to have a date with the trash bin later today XD

 Can you guess which is the decluttered thing?

Let's start with hair care!

Cameleo Neon colours Semi-permanent hair color cream in Pink 60ml.
This was a nice superbright pink colour that suited me and my skin tone very well. I wouldn't say it's semi-permanent because it was fading a lot in every hairwash. In one week (well I showered almost everyday) the colour got from super bright pink to a slight cotton candy pink in just seven days. I totally recommend this if you want to try out a fancy bright colour for just a day or two but don't assume it will last all summer. It is also very affordable. One tube costs under 4 euros. 

Avon Advanced techniques Absolute perfection BB conditioner 250ml.
Very affordable, made my hair silky and soft but I don't understand why it's called BB... doesn't it stand for Beauty Balm? Well.. I don't have to understand everything in this world. XD It was ok but I would not repurchase. 

L'oréal Colorista Washout Temporary hair colour #pinkhair 80ml.
The product looked so bright but in real life it gave me just som slight pink (cotton candy?) vibes. More like rose gold result. I liked it very much but I assumed the result to be more pink because the shade was called #pinkhair! Quite affordable if you find it on sale. :)

Garnier SkinActive Moisture bomb tissue mask.
A bit too weirdy scent. Felt moisturizing tho. Hard to tell about the product when it's only one use of the mask but I like these Moisture Bomb masks. 

GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment 15gram sample. 
I LOVED IT. It cleared my pores so well and my skin felt so soft afterwards. Sadly it has a juicy price but I hope I get a chance to buy this on sale sometime.

SkinRepublic Bubble purifying + charcoal sheet mask.
This was freaking weird! I was so excited to try this out but I couldn't keep it on for the whole 15-20 minutes. I had it 10 minutes if I remember correctly. The bubbling never stopped and my other eye got irritated, it fel like the product was dripping into my eyes somehow. This was not a good experience. 

Palmolive Olive & Milk Hand soap 300ml.
I love palmolive's products, especially this Olive & milk scent which get me to remember my childhood! A good and cheap hand soap, even easy to find in any grocery store or market. I would repurchase anytime!

Nivea Sensitive micellar water 200ml.
It cleansed my skin and was not drying out my skin so this got thumbs up. I will repurchase it later when I've used up my other micellar waters from other brands. 

Simple kind to skin eye make-up remover pads 30pcs.
Claims it removes even waterproof mascara. In my opinion it didn't clean waterproof makeup that well. I'm gonna repurchase these and give 'em another chance! I found out our new Tokmanni in town is selling a lot of Simple products. That's great because I like a lot of Simple's products!

Lindex Nail Polish remover 50ml.
This was surprisingly good for being a cosmetic product made by a clothing brand. It cleansed easily even glitter nail polishes! Thumbs up for the price also, 50ml costs under 3 euros. 

Depend Quick & Shine top coat.
A fast drying top coat which gives a beautiful shine. This is one of my favourite top coats! The only con is the very small brush which makes it a bit harder to apply top coat fast on the nail. 

And for last the decluttered product:
Essence Longlasting lipstick nude in shade 03 Come Naturally. I remember I used it very often back in the days! Now I realized I've had it for over 2 years and that's why I now have to declutter it. 

Did you see any familiar products in this post? Maybe you have different opinions? Tell me in the comments below. 

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