onsdag 9 maj 2018

Great Ideas; new header is born

I've had a "low" day today. I was really tired all day and felt like "can't it be night so I don't have to be awake". Yes that sounds quite depressing I know! I just have a nine-days-in-a-row jobweek right now. Well, when I thought I don't have any creativity to offer this day my brain were hit by a visual slap - I want to take som fun photos, maybe I can make a new header!

 She believed she could. So she did!

Memorycard in the camera went full several times but at last I got a picture I felt really happy about! 
I had an old eyeshadow palette, I carefully picked the shadows out of the palette and crushed two of them in their pans. Four eyeshadows form the letter K, like in my blog alias KOSMENAUTEN. An old lipstick were useful as a pencil to draw a heart. I think this picture describes me very well. 

Use what you have, be happy about it. And my love for lip products. 

What do you think about my new header?

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