tisdag 8 maj 2018

Cesarsshop purchases

Yes I claim to be a minimalist and I want to be one but I'm not a PERFECT minimalist yet because I have a hobby and that's nail polishes and makeup. 

 In Helsinki there is a great store for nail art supplies. It is called Cesarsshop .
 I've been in the shop 3 times and ordered from the website several times. 
Cesarsshop has nail polishes and nail art supplies that are hard to find in Finland.
Zoya, Color Club, O.P.I, Picture Polish, Ruby Wing, F.U.N Lacquer, Kiara Sky, you name it!

On the pic:
Color Club Glow in the dark "On the flip side"
Kiara Sky Fast dry top coat
Picture polish "summer"
Color Club Halo crush "Back to the grind"

 On Saturday I went to Cesarsshop with Daniela and she's the Nail polish QUEEEEEEN.  
Click your way to her blog!

We had like one mission only; FIND EVERYTHING HOLO... and some new Picture Polish nail polish of course... 

On the flip side has a slight green base with iridescent small glitters in peachy, purple, blue and green shades. It's fast drying and the amount of glitters getting on the nail within the first brush swipe is pretty good!

 summer is a coral polish with peachy and gold shimmers.
It applies evenly but is not opaque in just one coat.

I was looking for the new picture polish in Florence but it wasn't that beautiful in real life so I fell in love with the shade Embrace instead but it was sold out so my second option was this in shade summer and I don't regret it!

The star of the show is this beauty in Back to the grind.It's a textured holo in a peachy shade that actually looks brown all the time until the sun hits it. 

You actually don't necessarily see that this is a textured holo, but you feel it. If you want it to be less texture you can use top coat on it. I applied 2 coats and left it without top coat. 

Back to the grind.

Fast dry top coat by Kiara Sky
I needed a new top coat and Daniela recommended this so I bought it and it was quite affordable also.

I also bought a bunch of dotting tools, a cuticle pusher and one sheet of water decals in a turqoise-gold marble pattern.

Have you been to Cesarsshop?

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  1. hahhaah nail polish queeeeeeen, guud vad jag började skratta :)