torsdag 12 april 2018

Look Fantastic

I literally got sick of the bad content of the finnish beauty box called Bette Box. I was so hopeful but only one out of four boxes were good so I wont continue my subscription on that box anymore! 

I got so mad I FINALLY started a subscription on Look Fantastic Beauty Box instead! I got my subscription via Bonusway and I will therefore get 6€ back at my bankaccount soon because I chosed the 6 month subscriptionalternative. 

You can also join the Bonusway family via this link: CLICK!
Register or sign in via Facebook. Supereasy!

 Because I registered on Look Fantastic I got a discount code on LF for you! Use my code VILHELMINA-R3
to get
£5 (5,73€) discount on your first order over 25£ (28,67€) from or shop directly via this link CLICK CLICK.

1 kommentar:

  1. Jep, jag LÄNGTAR att bette box -beställningen tar slut (ännu 5 månader kvar...) Jag tänker nog också beställa LF eller Jolie box