måndag 2 april 2018

Empties of March

I got a lot of empties this month, yay!

6 fullsize and 2 minis. 

AVON Advance Techniques Moroccan argan oil shampoo 
I liked this, made my hair very smooth and had a good scent! I would repurchase. 

Cien Repair Conditioner with fortifying keratin.
I got this from Nina because she didn't like it. It made her hair quite oily. I liked this! It did cleanse my hair very well. I did not looove the smell tho. It was a bit too strong. 

AVON Naturals wild berries and pomegranate creamy yoghurt scrub.
It was ok. Not the best body scrub I've tried. But the scent tho!!! Smelled like a candyshop I remember from my childhood. <3

ORIFLAME Discover japanese ceremony shower gel.
This is by far my favourite shower gel from Oriflame! This scent reminds me of  birch leafs! I love it! I will repurchase this again and again. 

AVON Simply delicate Cotton breeze pH balanced feminine wash.
I loved this one! Practical dispenserbottle. I will repurchase. 

Last but not least!

Maria Nila Pearl Silver colour refresh hair mask.
I liked this colour! I'm sad because it lasted just for 2 uses. I will probably repurchase this in a bigger package! Great scent also. 

YVES ROCHER Moisturizing lotion Aloe Vera pulp Dry skin
Amazing, fresh scent! Moisturized my skin well. 

PEPSODENT All day protection Long active toothpaste.
Practical mini package when travelling. Good taste. 

Products I didn't like...

AVON Clearskin pore & shine smooth exfoliating scrub.

This was anything but smooth! It burned LIKE HELL when I used this. AND I TRIED several times. It's nearly half empty.. I can't torture my face with this! 

ORIFLAME Love Nature Lip Balm Olive oil.
I don't know which ingredient in Oriflame lip balms I am sensitive to but I can't use them! I've tried two before and I just somehow got a sore throat when I use them. Some ingredient gets into my mouth (maybe when I'm licking my lips) and start hurting my throat??? Has this happened to someone else? I think it's too sad.

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  1. Uuuh, jag sku vila testa avon shampoot!
    jag har inte ännu testat läppomadat som du skickade åt mig, men jag måste asap testa och kolla får jag också ont i halsen av den :O