måndag 26 mars 2018

MOTD: Tonic on my eyelid

Instead of writing a Mask Monday-post I wanted to show you guys today's makeup!

To this look I used Urban Decay duochrome eyeshadow Tonic. It's such a beautiful shade!

It's not that impressive in the container but let me show you the swatch...

Tonic is a lavender shade which shifts in blue tones. I guess you could also call this shade ultra violet? 

I think Tonic is worth more hype than it got so far! 

Do you have any single eyeshadows from Urban Decay?

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  1. Är dethär den färgen du kollade på i Sokos Tammerfors? Eller kommer jag helt fel ihåg :) Denhär ser UNDERBAR ut, jag vill också haaaaa!