fredag 23 mars 2018

Bette Box March

Yes I know I'm late with the Bette Box post but this month I've been moving into another appartment AND working full time so there has not been much time left for hobbies! 

I can tell I was not impressed by the content at first sight. 

Floradix Kräuterblut ironshot. I know this taste awful so I'm not jumping out of excitement...

Manna Kadar HD volumizing mascara in Jetblack. I look forward to test this out!

Lumene lähde [source] Bi-phase micellar water sounds interesting so I feel excited about this!

Natusan baby oil... seriously. Laugh out loud or lay down on floor crying? BABY OIL IN A BEAUTY BOX??? Sure I've heard this is great for removing makeup so let's try it out in that purpose. 

Nivea cellular anti-age volume filling pearls Day & night serum. I've stopped buying serums because I feel like it's an extra and unnecessary step in my morning routine but I kinda feel excited to try this out anyway! 

SB12 Great Breath for 12 hours mild menthol mouthwash. Dissappointment at first but someday I will test this out and maybe, MAYBE, I will like it. 

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  1. Jag använder serum endast i min kvällsrutin, alltså under nattkrämen. Jag har aldrig haft såhär bra hud som nu, efter att börjat använda regelbundet serum! Jag har inte testat niveas serum ännu, jag väntar att min nuvarande serum tar slut först. Men jag rekommenderar att använda i kvällsrutinen, det kanske först känns besvärligt och tar mera tid, men jag lovar att snart kan du inte göra din kvällsrutin utan att använda serum ;D