fredag 2 mars 2018

A multifunctional product: Jojoba oil

You sure already know that oils are good stuff for your skin! But did you know how many purposes a oil can have in your skincare routine?

For example:
moisturize your skin (face and body)
help for frizzy hair
remove makeup (even eyemakeup)
supermoisturizer for dry lips
"first aid" for dried out makeup items e.g. mascara
cuticle oil

At the moment I use a Jojoba oil from emma noël bought from Ruohonjuuri. 


I think you can find cheaper jojobaoil from e.g. and similar sites abroad. 

I use jojoba oil for removing makeup, it removes even waterproof gel eyeliner! I also use it to make my gel eyeliner more liquid because it starts to dry out now. Sometimes I apply this oil on my face instead of nightcream and it boosts my skin with moisture!  I love this practical pump-bottle.

Do you use any oils in your skincare routine?


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  1. Jag har aldrig testat jojoba oil, men nu blev jag nog intresserad :) Måst köpa denna när jag nästa gång besöker Ruohonjuuri