torsdag 8 februari 2018

Bette box february

Since I've decided to have a no buy (cosmetics) for this whole year but I'm still  an"addicted" beautyjunkie who loves to try out new stuff I decided to try out the Finnish beauty box version Bette Box. It's been over a year since I last time tried this box out. I really believe it's better to pay 18,90 euro/month on surprices than 50+ euros/month on new stuff I see in the stores. I want to save money so I hope the boxes are good! Here is the content of the February box.

Herbina Gloss & shine moisturizing shampoo 200ml
I think the design on the bottle is quite "childish" and the scent is veeeery sweet but I'm gonna try it out anyway.

BIO2YOU Natural nutritive seabuchthorn cream with panthenol 50ml
It was quite hard to find out if this product is for the face or for your body. My friend then found out it is for the face! Thanks to her! This is a totally new brand for me so I'm really excited to try this out :D 

LUMENE Balance Nutri-recharching purifying peat mask 15ml
This sounds very interesting! I will try it out very soon.
LUMENE testers in the same series: serum and moisturizer

rfsu sense me Oh yes! Stimulating gel 10ml
I am not very exciting for this kind of product. Let's see if I will try it out or pass it over to someone xD

CARMEX classic lip balm 8,4ml
Well. First: I don't like lip balms in jars. They feel very... nonhygienic. Second: I don't like Carmex lipbalms. I had to try it out though just in case I've change my mind. Nope. Still don't like it!

MARC ANTHONY Nourishing argan oil of morocco Sulfate free conditioner 250ml
Wow, a very large tube of conditioner! I don't mind. I often like these argan oil-things so I look forward for trying this out!

My opinions of this box?
I am very pleased with the content. I don't like to buy hairproducts so I am very happy with the shampoo and conditioner! I actually like everything but the Carmex lipbalm. And the stimulating gel.

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