måndag 11 juni 2018

Look Fantastic beauty box: June

Now it's time to dive in the  LF beauty box June to see what the box contained this month! 
But first, I will tell you my opinion of the box of May. 

Bubble mask from skinrepublic - I didn't like it.
in transit camera closeup mask, moisturizer and primer in one from thisworks - I have no opinion because I haven't tried it so many times yet. 
RNA serum from Avant - I liked it. It's already gone...
Face contour kit medium from Sleek Makeup - I like the highlighter!
Eye do liquid eyeliner from Eyeko - I am surprised over how good it was! Not waterproof though. 
Teeth whitening strips  from Spotlight - I haven't tried them yet. 

This box is so freaking stunning!!!!
(Ok I say that every time!)

First sight.

MÁDARA SOS Instant moisture+radiance Hydra mask 12,5ml (eco cert)
I look forward to try this mask out! 

Christophe Robin Cleansing volumizin paste (shampoo) 
with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts 40ml
I'm not that into hair care products but this sounds interesting. 
Studio 10 Liquid foil I-radiance 
Quite confusing because there is no text on the bottle but I this seems to be a foil eyeshadow.  

ELEMIS Superfood facial wash 30ml
I haven't tried anything from ELEMIS before so I think I'll try this out soon for sure! 

RITUALS... The ritual of dao be kind to your skin body cream 70ml
I had a body scrub in this serie and I loved the scent!  

VITA LIBERATA Self tanning gradual lotion with marula oil 50mlIt's quite funny because just an hour before I got this box I went to the store and bought a self tanning lotion from Dove... With that said... I wanna try this out now! 

REAL CHEMISTRY Environmental rescue essential day cream 10ml
Extra sample perhaps? I didn't find any other information of this product.

fredag 8 juni 2018

AQUA bella by LA RIVE

I usually don't blog about parfumes because I'm too picky and sensitive. I like just a small range of different scents and unnatural scents like vanilla or some other sweet scent gives me migraine. There is some few parfumes that I can use for e.g.
Fly high by Mexx
Anytime by Jackpot (not sure if this is available anymore)
Bright Crystal by Versace
Crush fragrance mist by Victoria's Secret

And last but not least, on the picture above:
Aqua bella by La Rive. 

It has that natural and clean scent to it. It's fresh but doesn't stick for too long in my nose.

It claims to be a edp (eau de parfume) but in my opinion it's more like an edt (eau de toilette) or fragrance mist because the scent do fade away quite easily. In a way I think it's good it fades away a bit because then I can use it at work. I'm working among sensitive people. 

I found out this brand makes dupes for other, more expensive parfume brands. I like dupes! Only by looking at some of the packaging you can guess which brand they've duped. I don't actually know if this specific scent is a dupe for any other brand? Please tell me if you know! 

You can buy La Rive parfumes and other skincare- and makeup products at a Finnish website called Kauneutta.com (which means Beauty dot com).They have brands as Kubiss, Naturel, Faby and Willkem.

onsdag 6 juni 2018

First empties of June

Hello! I feel like I don't have much to talk about on my blog so during summer I will try out to write about my empties more often than once a month. I will collect 3-4 empty products and then write a post about the products and put them back where I collect my empties and show you all of them in the end of the month. What do you guys think about that?
So, here are the 3 first empties of June!

All these 3 products happens to be from the Look Fantastic beauty boxes!

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm 15ml sample.
The scent is very strong but it does not stick to the skin after use. I loved the consistency and it cleansed even waterproof makeup as well!

avant R.N.A Radical firmness Anti-aging serum 5ml sample.
At first I thougt, "just another lame serum again" but this was so FIRMING I couldn't expect it. I used it at night so every morning my skin was even and soft. Using this expensive serum was such an experience!

NIP+FAB Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads 10pads.
This was odd. Is it supposed to exfoliate the skin somehow? I don't understand this product at all... I didn't experience the exfoliating!

måndag 4 juni 2018

Colourful Empties of May.

From May I have 8 full size empties, 1 sample size, 2 sheet masks and 1 decluttered product. A total of 12 products is going to have a date with the trash bin later today XD

 Can you guess which is the decluttered thing?

Let's start with hair care!

Cameleo Neon colours Semi-permanent hair color cream in Pink 60ml.
This was a nice superbright pink colour that suited me and my skin tone very well. I wouldn't say it's semi-permanent because it was fading a lot in every hairwash. In one week (well I showered almost everyday) the colour got from super bright pink to a slight cotton candy pink in just seven days. I totally recommend this if you want to try out a fancy bright colour for just a day or two but don't assume it will last all summer. It is also very affordable. One tube costs under 4 euros. 

Avon Advanced techniques Absolute perfection BB conditioner 250ml.
Very affordable, made my hair silky and soft but I don't understand why it's called BB... doesn't it stand for Beauty Balm? Well.. I don't have to understand everything in this world. XD It was ok but I would not repurchase. 

L'oréal Colorista Washout Temporary hair colour #pinkhair 80ml.
The product looked so bright but in real life it gave me just som slight pink (cotton candy?) vibes. More like rose gold result. I liked it very much but I assumed the result to be more pink because the shade was called #pinkhair! Quite affordable if you find it on sale. :)

Garnier SkinActive Moisture bomb tissue mask.
A bit too weirdy scent. Felt moisturizing tho. Hard to tell about the product when it's only one use of the mask but I like these Moisture Bomb masks. 

GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment 15gram sample. 
I LOVED IT. It cleared my pores so well and my skin felt so soft afterwards. Sadly it has a juicy price but I hope I get a chance to buy this on sale sometime.

SkinRepublic Bubble purifying + charcoal sheet mask.
This was freaking weird! I was so excited to try this out but I couldn't keep it on for the whole 15-20 minutes. I had it 10 minutes if I remember correctly. The bubbling never stopped and my other eye got irritated, it fel like the product was dripping into my eyes somehow. This was not a good experience. 

Palmolive Olive & Milk Hand soap 300ml.
I love palmolive's products, especially this Olive & milk scent which get me to remember my childhood! A good and cheap hand soap, even easy to find in any grocery store or market. I would repurchase anytime!

Nivea Sensitive micellar water 200ml.
It cleansed my skin and was not drying out my skin so this got thumbs up. I will repurchase it later when I've used up my other micellar waters from other brands. 

Simple kind to skin eye make-up remover pads 30pcs.
Claims it removes even waterproof mascara. In my opinion it didn't clean waterproof makeup that well. I'm gonna repurchase these and give 'em another chance! I found out our new Tokmanni in town is selling a lot of Simple products. That's great because I like a lot of Simple's products!

Lindex Nail Polish remover 50ml.
This was surprisingly good for being a cosmetic product made by a clothing brand. It cleansed easily even glitter nail polishes! Thumbs up for the price also, 50ml costs under 3 euros. 

Depend Quick & Shine top coat.
A fast drying top coat which gives a beautiful shine. This is one of my favourite top coats! The only con is the very small brush which makes it a bit harder to apply top coat fast on the nail. 

And for last the decluttered product:
Essence Longlasting lipstick nude in shade 03 Come Naturally. I remember I used it very often back in the days! Now I realized I've had it for over 2 years and that's why I now have to declutter it. 

Did you see any familiar products in this post? Maybe you have different opinions? Tell me in the comments below. 

söndag 20 maj 2018


I just dropped in to tell you I'm going on vacay this incoming week so I won't post anything here.

fredag 18 maj 2018

Holographic and multichrome madness gets together

I am so grateful I got the strength to stop bite my nails. Nail polishes and nailart have never been more fun!

Today's manicure is made with Dance Legend Chameleon collection in colour Sulley 
which is a mostly warmtoned blue shifting to purple, gold and green. 

As accentnails I chosed the F.U.N Lacquer Birthday collection 24Karat Diamond (H) which is a stunning silver holo glitter. Extra holo!

In daylight outside

Daylight outside

Daylight outside

Daylight inside


24Karat Diamond (H)

These nailpolishes will definitely become my new favourites!

onsdag 16 maj 2018

Look Fantastic beauty box May

I'm so freaking happy I started to subscribe to the Look Fantastic beauty box!

Today I'm gonna show you what I got in this month's box but before that, let's see what I thought about last month's box shall we!

From left:
Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment mask 15g- This was my thing!

Pür Fully charged Mascara powered by magnetic technology 4ml
-Gives both length and volume to my lashes, love it!
Nip+Fab Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads 10 pcs-I've only tried it once so can't tell yet what I think about it.

Nuxe Crème fraîche de bauté 48hr moisturising cream 15ml-I have not tried this yet but I'm definitely using this on my vacay next week! Unfortunately this has not SPF.

Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm 15ml-I LOVE IT. I'm so gonna take this with me on vacay next week.

Dr. Botanicals Vegan Bergamot & Poppy seed smoothing body exfoliating bar 100g
- As you can see, I haven't try it yet. 

Over all, I liked this box VERY MUCH.

Now over to this month's box.

Skin Republic Bubble purifying + charcoal face mask sheet
-This was creepy.

Thisworks in transit camera close-up Mask, moisturizer and primer in one 20ml
-I feel quite confused by this product but it can be good or even great tho.

Eyeko that's were I draw the line eyeliner 2g
- Claims to be waterproof but it's not. It was easy to wash of with water. I have not tried it on my eyelids yet. I hope it will stay in place. 

Spotlight Teeth white strips totally 8 strips.
-Fun to try out sometimes when I got time and motivation. 

Avant Rna radical firmness anti-ageing serum 5ml
-Smells good, great vacay sized product. 

Sleek Makeup Face contour kit Pressed contouring powder & Highlighter in one 14g
-I got shade medium which is a bit too dark for me (both contourshade and highlighter) but the highlighter is sooooooo pretty I hope I can use it in the end of the summer. At least I can use both these shades as eyeshadows! 

Did you like the content of this month's box?